Our Timeline

About Us

We see examples all throughout Scripture about how God calls and prepares folks and we know that it takes time. We have definitely experienced the time of preparation involved in becoming missionaries. Below is a timeline of where we’ve been and where we’re going.

July 2012-Marcus goes on a mission trip to Laredo, TX. They take a one-day vision trip across the border to check out Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries. He comes back excited to bring the family down the following year.

June 2013—The whole family heads down to Reynosa on a mission trip with our church, Christ Presbyterian Church, and Christ the King from S. Austin. Toured the trade school area, and began praying about whether God was truly calling us to this particular mission.

Rudds in front of I55 school

July 25-28, 2013—headed back down to Reynosa for an interview with the entire I55 staff team.

September 11, 2013—filled out preliminary missions applications online with MTW (Mission to the World) and WHM (World Harvest Mission)

September 12, 2013—First phone interview with MTW recruiter; very promising

September 16, 2013—Phone interview with World Harvest Misson recruiter. They told us they have no missionaries currently in Mexico, so not sure they could even take us. He suggested us looking into MTW.

October 7, 2013—Submitted application to MTW

October 14, 2013—MTW sends us additional Bible and psych tests and send requests for our references.

November 6, 2013—Had 2 hour phone interview with MTW Director of Candidates.

January 5-10, 2014–REV (Readiness Evaluation) training with MTW in Atlanta, GA. Calder stayed with Grammy and Gopaw at our house.

Feb. 27-Mar 2—Attended the Isaiah 55 Board of Directors meeting in Reynosa to get Board approval, fellowship and learn more in preparation for the ministry.

March 10-16–Launch Training with MTW in Atlanta, GA. We are now officially official missionaries with MTW and may now begin raising support

July 2015Attend CCMI training with MTW in Belgium

August 2015Sell/Move our things to storage and move to Costa Rica for language school

September 2015 – August 2016Attend Spanish Language Institute in San Jose, Costa Rica.

September 2016Move to our mission field, Reynosa, Mexico to work at Isaiah 55 Deaf Ministries