Good-bye Cedar Park

Over the last year and a half our family has been planning, traveling, training, fundraising and looking toward the day we would leave our current lives and embark on the new adventure that would be our missionary future. Working out of our home in Cedar Park, there lingered a sense that we hadn’t quite started down the road God was calling us to. Yes, we know that all of our preparations are a part of our ministry to the corporate Church. All of our training, networking, fundraising and sharing of God’s work in Mexico with others is an outreach and part of the work of a missionary but still, we were called to go out and yet we were still at home.

As of yesterday, that has changed. Yesterday we finished packing up a month’s worth of clothes for the kids and ourselves and set off down the road, never to return to our house in the same capacity again. Today we are in Beaumont with Heather’s family, tomorrow there will be more fundraising and sharing at a new church on Sunday and then Monday we are off around the globe for cross cultural ministry training in Belgium. The difference is this time our final destination, after the training and the travel, isn’t “home,” it isn’t Cedar Park, its out “there,” out in the world. We will return to our house in a few weeks to finish packing, load the moving truck and say goodbye to our friends and family but we won’t be living there anymore. It will only be another stop along the way.

We were told to take time to say good-bye to the places and things we were going to miss. I’m not sure we have taken the time to do that. The finality of us leaving never really sunk in. Besides, there has been so much to do just to get down the road. Hopefully there will be enough time left when we return to properly pay our respects. If worst comes to worst, when we finally do arrive in Mexico, Cedar Park will only be a 6-hour drive away. It is also a blessing that technology today allows us to stay in touch with friends and family no matter where we are in the world. In that we take great comfort.

Perhaps Calder summed it up well, the way 3-year-olds do, as we all sat in the car yesterday preparing to pull out from our driveway. “I can’t wait to go on our Big Adventure,” he told us, “because I don’t want to live in our house anymore.” While we are sad to leave the people and the places we love, there is a definite sense of peace in moving forward in the direction God has been calling us. We are grateful for this missionary calling on our lives and grateful for God’s faithfulness to fulfill it.





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