I’ll Bring the Beauty


Calder with Lizzie and KK excited about the rainbow.

“Mommy, come and wook (look)!” a soaking wet Calder said as he pulled me out of the prayer meeting. “A rainbow!” He was so excited to see an actual rainbow, and tears welled up in my eyes because it was a direct answer to prayer for me.

You see, this was day 4 of our trip week before last and I had been feeling discouraged that day and the day prior. The heat, I believe, was getting to me, and as we drove from the mission to the school each day, I began to dwell on the ugliness of the city. I wondered why God was preparing to move us to what I was perceiving as such a dismal place. Seeing that rainbow, and feeling the breeze from the 15 degree temperature drop He’d just provided, I felt God’s arms around me gently reminding me that He will bring the beauty.

And, He did! My eyes were opened to the beauty of my two year old interacting and playing with a deaf two year old at the school. They did not need language to communicate. Just a smile and the chase was on! I saw beauty in the school’s principal, Pati, giving Calder and me trinkets to remember them by and the warm embrace upon leaving. I saw beauty in the people of the local church providing a luncheon for us after church and seeking to interact with us. I heard beauty one night upon entering the dining hall while part of our team belted out 4-part harmony of some of my favorite hymns. I joined in, and my soul was nourished.

Calder interacting with the newest student at the deaf school who is also 2.

Calder interacting with the newest student at the deaf school who is also 2.

Our trip was fruitful in relationship-building with the teachers, students, Isaiah 55 staff and team members we served alongside. God was faithful to hear our prayers and to graciously and tangibly answer them. Great is His faithfulness, and I am so grateful.



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