Our transition to Costa Rica

Mom, Sis & Us at airport

Heather’s mom and sister took us to the airport

Calder & Samantha at airport

The kids playing before the flight from Atlanta to San Jose

Bienvenidos a Costa Rica! We arrived a little after 9pm Friday night into Costa Rica. It was the smoothest airport experience perhaps ever. Our “Big Brothers”, the Morrises, arranged for us to be picked up at the airport, so by the time we got through immigration there was a porter who’d already gathered our 10 bags. He showed us which way to customs and the exit and then handed us off to a gentleman named Ronnie to drive us to our new apartment.

It just so happens that we live right next door to our Big Brother family, the Morrises. Upon arriving at our apartment we were greeted by the Peter and Melanie, who took us through our apartment showing us all the ins and outs and quirks. Our family stayed up late that night unloading a few bags, calling my mom and sister on FaceTime and putting our own sheets on the beds.

Saturday morning Calder was eager to get outside and meet the Morris kids, ages 5, 3 and 1. We enjoyed a pancake breakfast with them, and the only requirement was that we bring our own chairs! We already love that the Morrises love coffee and pancakes as much as us! Later in the morning they took us to la feria  (the farmer’s market) to get fruits and veggies. Even though it was a small market set up in the park, it was overwhelming. Once we get used to things here, I think it’ll be a lot of fun. There was even a Zumba class going on there and there was a lot of playground equipment for the kids.

I was most overwhelmed by my lack of knowing the currency and metric system. I need to learn about Cosa Rican Colones and kilos ASAP! I also didn’t know how much to spend
or how long things would stay good. All things that will get sorted out in time, I suppose. When we got home I had to go sit in a quiet room and pray for about 15 minutes to recover from the experience.


early morning play in our new home

That afternoon, Marcus and I spent time unpacking and moving furniture around to suit us. It became evident to me that to make this feel like home, I needed some “homey” things, so I asked Melanie to take me to the home goods store where I bought a rug, 2 throw pillows and 2 seat cushions. Amazing the difference it made! I also found some fun, yellow folding chairs for our back patio and Marcus enjoyed doing his quiet time there Sunday morning.


Our new place after decorating plus one sacked out Calder on the couch.

Another family we’d met prior to coming via the “small world” is the Halberts, who are also missionaries here in Costa Rica. They graciously brought us dinner Saturday night and stayed to enjoy it with us. We spent the rest of the weekend settling into our new home and trying to rest before the busy week ahead.

Yesterday we attended orientation for the kids’ school. Calder will attend pre-school at Sojourn Academy and Samantha will be at Rayitos del Sol daycare. Although different names, they will be in the same building and on the same campus as us. Today, and for the rest of the week, we will be in orientation for our school, called Instituto de Lengua Espanola (ILE). Classes begin next Tuesday.

Overall, we are doing well. We do miss our family and friends, but are grateful to be able to use modern technology to see everyone. We are glad to be done traveling for a while, and feel like we’ve made our apartment a safe haven before the hectic nature of language learning really begins. We’ve been to a few parks with the kids and are navigating our way around on foot to the grocery stores. We have also been very blessed by the Morris and Halbert families. Having them here has made for the smoothest possible transition we can imagine.

Heather and the kids at Okayama Park

Heather and the kids at Okayama Park

Marcus & Calder at Okayama Park

Marcus & Calder at Okayama Park








We appreciate all the prayer support we’ve received from you all. Keep ’em coming! Love to you all.

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