San Antonio

A few weeks ago we spent a 10-day stretch fundraising in San Antonio. In many ways it felt like a homecoming to us. While the time we spent there was full of hard work and many mission presentations, we also were able to spend a considerable amount of time catching up with old friends. We were even able to spend a day at Sea World; Calder is still talking about it.

As you may know, San Antonio is where Heather and I met; it is where we were married and where we still have many close friends. While we are still realizing the benefits of our fundraising efforts during that time, we can easily count our trip as a success. We were able to speak about our mission at both services of Redeemer Presbyterian Church (our “original” home church) as well as to their satellite campus in the Westover Hills neighborhood of San Antonio (Fun Fact: Redeemer’s Westover Hills campus is led by Manny Alaniz who also led Heather and my first community group as a couple in his early days of ministry). We were able to meet with people all through the week for lunches, dinners and desserts and share with them the wonderful work God is doing in Mexico through Isaiah 55 Ministries and how they can be a part of that work through their financial gifts, prayer and service.

We wanted to say a special “thank you” to all the friends who hosted us, arranged dinners and desserts and shared meals with us and all of those who came out to hear our message during our time there. We are so blessed to be a part of God’s great kingdom and to partake in so wonderful a community as we have in Him. None of what we are doing here would be possible without the lead of the Holy Spirit and all of your support. We will continue to thank God for you and to pray for you every step of our journey.

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