The Lord’s Provision

We have been home now from our big fundraising trip for two weeks and we are just now feeling like we are getting our heads above the water. What an experience it has been taking such a long road trip with young kids. There were highs and lows along the way and the first week home that we set aside for rest and putting the household back in order was definitely needed. “Active recovery,” I believe, is what that’s called. We drove over 3500 miles stopping twice in Tennessee, twice in Georgia, twice in Florida, Alabama and then Beaumont Texas before finally heading home. God’s grace abounded on our trip; I know that because we survived it and made it home.

It is exciting to know we were able to share the vision of what God is doing in Reynosa, Mexico through Mission Isaiah 55 to a lot of new people. There are also a lot of new people who have now joined us on our journey, partnering with us through prayer and encouragement. We have even gained a few more monthly financial donors (which is some of the point of a fundraising trip, no?) We are now right at 60% of our needed monthly pledges. And, we still have more verbal commitments to follow up on!

So what is next for us? From the beginning of this support raising process, and even a little before, Heather and I have felt that part of our missionary calling was to the churches in our local, South Texas, area. Because Isaiah 55 and Reynosa are so accessible to this part of our state (less than a 5 hour drive from us), we have felt a burden to establish relationships with churches in this area and encourage them to participate in the work going on in Mexico; not only financially but also through summer mission trips. We are filling in our calendar with weekend trips all over South Texas to speak at churches and share the vision of God’s work we are headed to do.

Our goal now is to raise the final 40% of our financial need in the next three months before we leave for our Cross Cultural Ministry Internship training in July. To our eyes this is a daunting, near impossible task. An example from history of a similarly difficult task would be securing the release of 600,000 of God’s people from slavery in a foreign land. Perhaps you are reminded of a child who once slaughtered a giant of a man with only a small rock. Or this might bring to mind the story of an elderly man who herded two of every known land animal onto a barge he built and then lived on it with his family for more than a year; all before repopulating the earth. Of course we also know from history that no person could do any of those things. God did all of them and he will bring all of our support in at the right time. Please continue to pray with us that God’s right time will get us on the mission field as soon as possible. We are eager to begin the work he has laid before us there.


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